emnos and Diametric join forces to become leading player for insight-led marketing in Europe

emnos invests in analytical marketing specialist Diametric – experience in the FMCG market adds to emnos’ analytical strength and technological expertise

As part of the company’s international expansion, emnos GmbH has taken over the majority of Diametric, a UK-based analytical marketing specialist. The deal establishes emnos as a leading player for insight-led marketing, working for some of the world’s largest retailers and their suppliers.

As part of the deal, emnos’ CEO Steve Gray and Tilman Krebs, CFO of the holding company Loyalty Partner, will become member of the Diametric Management Board. The companies will continue to work under their respective corporate brands: Diametric will lead the development with retail and FMCG partners across the UK, emnos will lead the business activities in all other markets. Both companies have agreed not to disclose any details related to the purchase price.

By joining forces, emnos and Diametric aim to become the leading player for insight-led marketing in Europe. As experts for customer insight the two companies provide analysis and consulting services which help retailers to better understand their customers' needs and to increase the customer focus of their products and services. The deal now provides the opportunity, to leverage additional market potential: Diametric has a strong market position in the British retail and FMCG sector (fast moving consumer goods) with Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and Unilever among their clients. This positioning enables emnos to market their services to a larger client base.

emnos, on the other hand, is not only strong in the analysis and consulting business, but also offers result-oriented tools and technologies which translate customer insight into business processes and support decision making on assortment, product, price and promotion. The deal gives Diametric therefore the chance to provide their clients with a wider service portfolio and to let them benefit from the larger technological expertise and retail experience of emnos. In addition, they get access to a comprehensive service portfolio for customer management offered by emnos’ holding company Loyalty Partner, operator of the German coalition loyalty programme PAYBACK. emnos clients currently include Carrefour in France, Migros in Switzerland and via the association with PAYBACK the Metro Group and dm in Germany.

”By joining forces with Diametric, we have established a sound basis for significantly increasing our share of the global customer insight and CRM markets,” notes Steve Gray, Chief Executive Officer of emnos. “We are looking forward to working closely together with the excellent Diametric team and extend our operations in the UK. Their profound experience especially within the FMCG sector makes them the ideal partner for us.”

“We currently sense a kind of global awakening to the power of insight-driven marketing”, adds Robert Diamond, CEO of Diametric. “Driven by Tesco in the UK, more and more retailers realise that in order to gain competitive advantage they need to generate customer insight and use it intelligently to increase the customer focus of their products and services. Together with emnos we are now able to offer them the best source of high-quality customer insight services in the European market”.


About emnos

emnos GmbH is a specialist for insight-led marketing. emnos helps retail companies to better understand their customers' needs and to use this understanding to increase the customer focus of their products and services. The objective is to increase customer loyalty and leverage revenue potential to the full. To achieve this, emnos analyses and evaluates customer and transaction data, develops strategies for product, price, promotion and assortment and offers tools and technologies to support their implementation. emnos clients include leading international retailers like Carrefour, Migros, real (part of Metro Group), and Selfridges.

emnos is a subsidiary of Loyalty Partner GmbH, the operator of Germany’s most successful loyalty programme PAYBACK. emnos was founded in 2003 and in addition to its headquarters in Munich has branch offices in London and Paris. Managing Directors of emnos are Steve Gray (45), Patrick Rohrbasser (38) and Sandro Götz (40).

For further information please refer to www.emnos.com


About Diametric

Diametric is an insight-led marketing consultancy. The company helps clients to unlock consumer & business insights and release growth through our strategic recommendations. Clients include The National Lottery, British Telecom, GSK, Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble , Prudential and News International.

2007 has seen the release of a series of insight and research-led tools by Diametric, including “Future Retail SM “ which helps retail, consumer goods & other clients understand implications of the changing structure of retail and “Rapid Response SM “, a bespoke Diametric tool for managing concept testing and fast turnaround online customer research.

Diametric was founded in 2001 and is privately owned by the two Directors. Chief Executive Robert Diamond (39) brings consulting expertise from PWC, Wunderman (the largest direct marketing agency in Europe) and brand management at Procter & Gamble. Board Director Bob Willmott (38) brings loyalty and interactive marketing experience from client-side marketing roles at P&G, Kraft, Air Miles & latterly as Digital Marketing Director at EMAP.

For further information please visit www.diametric.biz