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Loyalty Partner GmbH has built up unrivalled know-how through the successful development and operation of PAYBACK, the biggest loyalty programme in the world. The experts in customer management now serve numerous companies through two subsidiaries – PAYBACK and Loyalty Partner Solutions. The chief focus of the highly individualised customer management solutions is maximum customer orientation. Using this basis, all operational and communicative activities can be tailored precisely to the needs of customers. This increases customer satisfaction and the company's profitability in the long term. 

The success story of Loyalty Partner begins in 1998, as company founder Alexander Rittweger puts his vision of a cross-industry and multi-media loyalty programme into practice. Right from the start, he aims to create a strong partner alliance that offers maximum benefits for the customer. Approx. 80 mio. customers worldwide own and use a PAYBACK card.

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Our approach to customer management

Over 20 years of successful customer management have enabled us to build up unrivalled expertise in this complex field.

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