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The term customer management refers to analytical, operational and communicative measures that improve a company’s customer orientation. It focuses on the overall direction of the company, strengthening existing customer relationships (customer loyalty) and creating incentives to win new customers. Relevant target groups are no longer swamped with offers and information, but targeted in all areas according to their specific requirements.

In this way, companies create a clear competitive edge for themselves. Direct marketing activities reach the appropriate customers, thereby cutting down on unnecessary costs. A targeted portfolio, price and product policy opens up significant earning potential. 

Consequently, customers are satisfied, more and more chance customers become regular customers, and the number of new customers increases. The company is more profitable and sales grow.

Analytical customer management

The first step is to identify the potential that a company can open up among its (potential) customers. For this purpose, it must understand the behaviour, requirements and structure of its customers (customer insight). Companies usually have access to a huge volume of customer and transaction data, but this data is rarely compiled and evaluated in a focussed and directed way so that it can be converted into sound customer knowledge that can be used for successful customer orientation. This analytical work serves as the basis for developing successful customer management solutions for marketing, sales and service.

Operational customer management

Activities (marketing, sales and service) developed on the basis of customer insights must be implemented cleanly in line with the available communication channels. Operational customer management provides IT support and takes care of the necessary business processes. It is important to standardise and coordinate all the customer contact so that every customer receives the right information at the right time in the right style and via the right communication channel.

Communicative customer management

It is essential that companies present their customers with a uniform identity. All communication channels to the customers, e.g. e-mail, Internet and telephone, must be controlled and synchronised carefully. Communicative customer management ensures that this is the case for every communication process.

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Our approach to customer management

Over 19 years of successful customer management have enabled us to build up unrivalled expertise in this complex field.

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