Founder Alexander Rittweger started Loyalty Partner in 1998 with three members of staff and no venture capital investors. Inspired by his consultancy work for Deutsche Lufthansa and its frequent flyer programme Miles & More, he developed the vision of a multipartner loyalty programme for everyday purchases. His business plan convinced the (at that time) CEOs of Lufthansa, Jürgen Weber, the consulting company Roland Berger and of the METRO Group, Hans-Joachim Körber.

Becoming of the biggest loyalty programmes worldwide

Right from the beginning, PAYBACK was based on strong partner companies with relevance for its customers. A cross-sectoral and multi-media partner alliance that fitted the core of the PAYBACK programme brand was always key to the vision. Consequently, only top companies from the retail and services sectors were approached. METRO with Galeria Kaufhof and real,- and companies like Aral, Apollo-Optik, dm-drogerie markt and in 2014, also REWE agree to join the programme. Today, over 650 offline and online partners put their trust in PAYBACK.

With PAYBACK, the companies obtain an insight into the actual needs and purchasing patterns of their customers. They can position their brand prominently, integrate seasonal promotions and content geared to specific customer segments, and achieve effective cross-selling and upselling with the help of targeted placement of content. The company provides support for customer acquisition and/or reacquisition and also assists with customer loyalty and value enhancement concepts.

PAYBACK is proving a real success in Germany, Italy, Poland, India, Mexico – both as a loyalty programme and as a marketing platform with very efficient and, above all, effective communication channels.

Loyalty Partner – an expert in customer management and big data

The know-how built up from the development of PAYBACK is unique in the field of customer Management and big data. Loyalty Partner makes this expertise available to other companies, offering tailor-made IT solutions for the operation of loyalty programmes. Loyalty Partner Solutions wins Deutsche Bahn AG and Miles & More as customers.

In 2008, Loyalty Partner Solutions and PAYBACK also begin to operate as legally independent subsidiaries. Loyalty Partner takes this step in response to the extraordinary company growth and to ensure optimum customer support in all fields of activity.

Part of the American Express Group

The success of Loyalty Partner and PAYBACK is based on anticipating the needs of its two key target groups – end consumers and companies. As a subsidiary of the international credit card operator American Express (with effect from the first quarter of 2011), Loyalty Partner is the centre of expertise for marketing and couponing platforms within the Group. The partnership creates one of the world's leading loyalty management companies.

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Our approach to customer management

Over 19 years of successful customer management have enabled us to build up unrivalled expertise in this complex field.

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