Outstanding Prospects
at a Top Employer.

We are proud that our engagement for our employees is not only very well received internally, but is approved by independent organizations too. As a company, we are constantly growing our employee services and leading by example.

Top Employer

In 2019 we have already been awarded the “Top Employer Germany 2019” certificate, for the 13th time. 

We receive this coveted award year after year because we offer our employees good employment conditions and career prospects, attractive compensatio and a whole host of fringe benefits.  

Here you can go directly to our company site at the Top Employers Institute.

Fair Company

The Fair Company initiative is Germany’s largest and best-known employer initiative for students and people joining the profession. Fair Companies offer the new generation of students valuable practical experience in the field, as they are reliably committed to recognized quality standards and verifiable rules. This responsible and transparent corporate culture is recognized every year with the Fair Company seal.

We strictly comply with the rules for Fair Companies, which means:

  1. We offer students internship placements providing professional orientation.
  2. We give interns clearly-defined tasks and goals and assign them a designated person they can contact within the company.
  3. We take interns on for a meaningful length of time.
  4. We don’t fob off university graduates applying for permanent positions with an internship.
  5. We pay interns an appropriate amount of compensation to cover their general expenses.
  6. We offer transparency about the tasks, person to contact and goals of an internship and the framework of rules in place.

What Our Employees Say

You can also find posts about working at Loyalty Partner on kununu, the largest employee rating platform in the German language area. 

Here you can go directly to the kununu website with more than 100 reports of people’s experiences working at Loyalty Partner.