Human Resources

How do we work and how do we contribute to the company’s success?

While our business moves with the pulse of change and innovation, our employees deliver support and appropriate framework conditions. 

Our Motto: Every individual should be able to participate optimally, either on their own or in teams. We are responsible for all staff-related matters for the Loyalty Partner Group of Companies: HR Consulting, HR Marketing, HR Operations & Processes, Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits, Onboarding, Personal Development, and more. 

 Getting to the point: We do our own marketing to find, recruit, integrate, advise and support the best candidates, and among other things we support continuous learning.

Why is the Human Resources division so diverse?

What we do corresponds to the activities of our business and its success. 

Success requires speed and flexibility. Motivation is essential, and so is creativity. It is our job to help our employees to bring and contribute these traits. We help them to perform well.


You will find Loyalty Partner at many career fairs. Our recruiting team will surely be close to your town in the near future. We are looking forward to your visit at our exhibition stand.

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Top Employer

In 2021 we have already been awarded the Top Employer Deutschland 2021 certificate, for the 15th time.

The Fair Company initiative is Germany’s largest and best-known employer initiative for students and people joining the profession.

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