Customer Management

You can’t miss them – advertising posters on the way to work, flyers in your letterbox and advertising spots on the TV and radio. No matter where you are, companies are always trying to tempt you into making a purchase, be it a bite to eat from the Asian takeaway round the corner or an exclusive flat screen TV. This generic form of customer marketing works according to the principle of coincidence and volume and does not consider what the customer really wants.

That is not our idea of customer orientation. Most companies talk about customer focus, but few ever practice it. It is not often that customers are the main focus of attention and addressed with appropriate marketing techniques.

As a result, consumers are increasingly rejecting large-scale campaigns and, at worst, companies are simply blowing their marketing budgets. If, however, companies manage to put the principle of customer orientation into practice, they reach their target groups and maintain customer loyalty in the long term. An intelligent customer management system is the key to success.

  • Starting situation  
    Markets and consumer behaviour are changing – customer management is gaining in importance.
  • Our approach 
    A professional customer management system is based on strong customer orientation that improves customer satisfaction and increases the resulting customer loyalty in the long term.
  • Our expertise 
    Over ten years of successful customer management have enabled us to build up unrivalled expertise in this complex field.
  • In practice  
    The success stories of three companies show what intelligent customer management can achieve.